Friday, November 29, 2013

Stevie Bonsey National # 80

Bonsey can get the job done and when Jake Johnson split from the Zanotti Team two thirds of the way through the season, Dave Zanotti got the Two Time National Winner to twist the throttle on his beautiful and fast XR 750s. First race Santa Rosa was going great until Stevie almost left his left foot and knee behind in extra thick section of cushion. This meant he had to race at Pomona with a substantial brace to keep his knee from getting even more torn up before he had the knee operated on, right after the SoCal race.
Pomona didn't go Stevie's way as not his knee, but the bike blew up in the Main after a gallant effort by the injured rider. Now comes word that Kenny Coolbeth with Dave Atherton as head tuner, will be teaming up with Dave Zanotti and crew for an attack on the 2014 No.1 plate. Hopefully Bonsey can end up on a competitive bike with another ace tuner. This young man has proven he is a winner and he deserves some really decent equipment to compete on.