Sunday, September 8, 2013

Saddlemen's Slidin' with Jared Mees

Long time Flat Track fans and sponsor, Saddlemen Seats and Jared Mees / Rogers Racing came together with a great idea to give something back to those who love the sport. Jump on the Champs No.1 and have your photo taken slidin' like your out front, on the gas and headed for the checkered flag. Popular with all ages,this started at Springfield and will be at coming Grand Nationals. Put on your best race face, show some style and join the folks at...

 Future Shayna Texter
 Sponsored by Stetson
 Lean back and gas it 
Foot down and flat out, livin' the dream
 Sideways and smilin'
The always happy, Kenny Tolbert, Tuner GNC # 1.