Monday, September 9, 2013

Close call at Springfield Mile

Bryan Smith was leading a tight pack of slipstreaming competitors when he reached up to free a tear-off that had become lodged on his throttle hand and was violently whipping his wrist. Trouble was, he inadvertently hit a kill button that is next to the throttle, causing an instant lack of power. During this he felt someone hit him from behind and did the only thing he could, put his head down and haul ass. Obviously he was hoping no one went down and miraculously , no one did.  J.D. Beach clobbered him from behind and thanks to his incredible skills keep it on two wheels. Jake ran into Beach and knocked off a crank sensor and his bike died immediately. The Ducati rider was fortunately on the outside and coasted right without causing any further effect. Smith, Beach, Johnson, Baker, Coolbeth, Willy McCoy and Jared Mees were so lucky they didn't end up in a huge pile.
Photo courtesy of Jim Grant

Check out this video of the incident.