Monday, August 5, 2013

Mikey Martin Fast Time Sacramento Mile

When qualifying was over at the Sacramento Mile the track fell completely silent and all ears strained waiting for the announcer to give those magic words,"Fast Time, National #91, Triumph mounted, Mikey Martin ! "
A cheer went up across the Fairgrounds. I think everybody was thinking the same thing, it wont be long, possibly today and Martin is going to put himself in the winners column and Triumph will have won their umpteenth National. Wasn't to be Sacramento however. Mikey had be twisting it hard all day and on lap 17 of the Main, the bad ass Trumpet blew a sour note and it was all over. None the less ,Fast Time against the incredible field that makes up the GNC is a real feather in the Bonneville Performance cap and of course Martin showed us again that he can ride with the very best of them, given some competitive machinery.
Having the Factory Triumph Team in the mix is one of the definite high points of the series.