Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Las Vegas Romero Rumble this weekend

Gene Romero's Cement showdown kicks off the racing season this weekend at the South Pointe Casino.
It is a very popular event with racers anxious to get back in the saddle after the doldrums of the off season.
The indoor short track is intense and action packed and is right in the heart of the Casino which also hosts a big M/C auction this weekend.
Some memories from last year.
 Wayne Karcich rode the Zanotti Yamaha 500 last year and ran into his old bud Jim Felice,Grand Prix Star and Kenny Roberts protege. These two guys used to spend their high school summers traveling the mid-west racing circuit together, living out of their van, surviving on their winnings.
 Eric Rickman has a nice cement style
 Bub Monaco helped Dante keep the Can Am going for John Kocinski who got on the box riding this
 potent old ring ding.
 Aaron Colton and Backwards Bob two Stunt Men with Skills.
They are not but,dont they look like father and son.
 Backwards Bob put on one of the scariest shows I've seen. 
He dragged this bike out after 30 years of not being on it and put on a
 half time show that had the crowd with their heart in their mouth. 
Bob would gas it down the straights and wobble around the corners defying
the crash gods and delighting the throng.
 This guy on this beater Beesa was on the gas too.
 J.T. and Stevie Bonsey and Dave Zanotti are pleased as punch after 
the Calistoga Kid and now the Tucson Terror rode the wheels off the Zanotti Honda to win the Saturday Night Pro Main. Bonsey would have won the night before but got run over, layed out and spat into the wall by a certain over riding Washingtonian.
James Monaco showed his short track talent in Vegas and it would be great to see this young guy get a win this weekend.