Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Jersey Jake Johnson rips at Perris

Zanotti Racing was at Perris getting tuned up for the coming season. Dave Zanotti, Jake and Wayne and J.T. worked with the Race Tech guys getting the Honda hooking up on all kinds of track conditions.
It was Jakes first time riding at the So Cal short track and he liked it and was having fun cutting mid 14 second laps. They worked on a dry slick set up for the upcoming Daytona opener and everything in between from tacky to wet. They say there is no better practice than seat time and Jake got plenty ,pushing himself all day and only quitting when it was just too dark to see.
 Smooth and FAST
 So Cal sunshine makes for a fun day at the track
 Back'er in
 and adjust your speed with a little front wheel push to keep your momentum up
rather than squaring it up and loosing time.
 Do three or four laps and come in a make small adjustments to one end at a time.
The Race Tech guys wrenched hard all day long and Jake was happy and hauling.