Monday, November 19, 2012

More Jim McMurren National # 11

 Jim and Cal on Sprints at Santa Fe, Chicago with Neil Keen trying the high line on a DT-1 Special.
 Famous shot of Jim doing the Front Fork Fandango after a Houston Astrodome mishap.
These first two shots provided by Greg Pearson ,author of "The complete GNC Vol I and II."
UPDATE: Well, Jim says it is definitely not him ! With a little research done in the"The Complete GNC Vol 1", it turns out this is a National Road Race at Nelson Ledges, Ohio in 1964. No.11 is Earl Widman on the Sprint and race winner Jody Nicolas on the Bultaco with, for '64, trick dual discs up front. Trouble is it doesn't look like Jody and it says Dan Whittinghill on the fairing. Anyway, cool photo of two different styles in the 250 class.
I will have to check with Jim but it looks like him ( Sprint , No. 11) about to put an inside move on a Bultaco
at what looks like Paradise Mesa, San Diego an old airport road course where Jim and Cal and the Vescos 
learned and fine honed their road racing skills.