Monday, October 8, 2012

Bonsey trounces them at Tucson

I made the 1000 mile round trip to Tucson for the AMA 1/2 Mile National and I am sure glad I did.
I witnessed what will have to be considered a classic. Stevie Bonsey showed his true talent on the challenging banked oval. Tucson is a Sprint Car track with slick clay that requires skill and bravery to get the most from it. Bonsey has both in buckets. He trounced the field for 25 laps fighting lurid slides coming onto the straights and smoked his way around the slippery, torn up and bumpy track. This track was the great equalizer and to take nothing away from the excellent Goodwin Racing Harley but, it was the sheer determination and gutsy riding that got the job done in Tucson. Stevie Bonsey spanked a most formidable field to win his second Grand National and demonstrated that he is a sensational two wheel talent.