Monday, October 1, 2012

2012 Catalina GP CANCELLED

Too Bad, it could have been world class with a little foresight from the powers that be on Catalina.
They wanted three times what Red Bull kindly annied up for the 2010 race and they refused to play fair with the guys who would actually do the work and put the race on. American greed screws up another golden opportunity. They still have the Tecate GP ( though very small) which is on the mainland but in a foreign country. Easy to get to and as fun and nearly as famous as Catalina. 45 miles east of T.J. , with a little old downtown square and the paved roads around town are already like a scrambles track and the single track are legendary.
Yoshi's Yamaha 250 that was one of the coolest bikes at the one and only 2010 Catalina G.P.