Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sammy sweeps Santa Rosa

On a restricted Harley XR , Sammy pulled the trigger and won the Santa Rosa Mile in grand style.
Jared Mees tucked in to a fine second place and Bryan Smith had a few problems keeping the Kawi on the boil and trailed both these guys to a not too shabby third place. This won't help Sam's campaign to get the XRs breathing a little better, with help from the AMA. I do think the Ducati and the Triumph need some help. The Ducati is a winner but as soon as it did win with Joe Kopp up at the Arizona Mile ,the AMA immediately restricted the big red machine. Henry Wiles has shown some flashes of brilliance on it but I think they need some kind of help to get back to being consistently competitive. I have no idea what Triumph needs in the way of help but it sure would be good for the sport to have them up front too. Mikey Martin rides it for all its worth so some mechanical help is definitely needed.  On to Tucson next weekend. I feel the track could be very challenging, which puts the ball right back in Sam's court.