Friday, August 10, 2012

Stevie Bonsey GNC #80 Sacramento Mile

Stevie Bonsey rolled into the Cal Expo Fairgrounds with confidence high after winning the previous nights "Night before the Mile" at the famed Lodi Speed Bowl. Bonsey put on a show and eventually gaped the contenders and took the checkers at the prestigious race. Saturdays Sacramento Mile dawned bright and very hot and so was Bonsey, laying down fast time in the first timed session.The Dodge Bros XR 750 was  hooking up and putting it down. The final qualifying session saw Stevie in a very close third fastest and a spot in the Dash. Heat Three was a great battle between Smith on the Kawi and Bonsey and ended up with the Harley right on the tail of the 42 across the stripe. The 80 Team used the Dash as a test session and Stevie's dad, who twirls the wrenches, made some adjustments and  they were ready for the Main. The 80 lined up on the second row right behind the Pole, on the choice traction groove. Stevie blazed the start and was right there in a tight 5 rider pack coming around to the stripe when his XR suddenly went on to one cylinder and was dangerously blocking the flying pack. I heard Avila say he heard it crapping out from behind and made an evasive move around him. Stevie's night was over and his high expectations dashed. He is a Pro and took it in stride. On quick inspection ,one carb had completely dirt packed vent lines (from the pre-start burnout or somehow in the first lap ?)and it was running like it had junk in the float bowl. Stevie has one National victory and with some more Miles coming up, hopefully it wont be too long before he wins his second.