Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dan Ingram Grand National # 31

Dan Ingram came to Sacramento and rode the Dodge Bros. second Harley. Talk about the Comeback Kid, well, not really this dude is 47. Dan rides to win and hasn't lost any of his spark over the 15 years he wasn't racing hairy Harleys. Dan had a very successful Sacramento Mile. He was on unfamiliar equipment, albeit one of the finest XR 750s ever to tear up the racing surface, and he fought his way into the Main through some ding-dong heats, to finish in 14 place and winning enough points to be GNC # 31 dropping the regional J. The Flat Track crowd has a mean age of mid 50s,I guesstimate, so they remember Dan from way back when. When the announcer is telling Dan's story while he is lining up to race, the crowd are intrigued and when he is seriously going at it for the lead, they are behind him 1000% with a huge roar. To see Ingram out front of a talent packed group is something to see.

 One of the great things about Grand National Racing is the fans come down out of the stands after the Checkers have fallen and they flood the pits to enjoy being close up to their heroes and the machines.
This guy made a bee line to the Dodge Bros. pit and wanted to meet Old Man Ingram !

 Dan didn't do it alone. This guy worked his tail off in 95F temps, putting his personal expertise into the flying 31J. 
 Apex turn 1, try to keep the wheels in line and get ready to slide out onto the back straight and draft by Jefro. Halbert and Ingram had a battle. Dan was determined and had the crowd holding their breathe at times. Dan led but Halbert came back by him to win. That was some Flat Track racing !