Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Flat Track Family

Flat Track has always been a family sport and it is great to see the tradition continuing and getting much stronger. All Club events include the small capacity classes, 50cc on up to 100cc and those classes are growing with sons and daughters and moms and dads who love the sport and take it seriously and compete with gusto. I take my hat off to the parents who fully support their kids racing. Its not easy, your kid is like a Pro Rider who just climbs on and twists the throttle. The parent has to do all the rest including coaching ,consoling and patching up the little ones. There are lots of starting line back flip wheelies, prangs,endos and wipeouts, hurt egos and tears but the kids get back on and haul ass, like true racers. They love it and they will be the future Chris Carrs, Scotty Parkers and Jay Springsteens and the everyday Joes who call themselves Dirt Trackers.
7X Grant Holmes is a perfect example of a Kid Racer. He is always first in line at practice and qualifying and attacks the track every time out. He dominates the 65cc Class.

      These little guys are next out and they climb up on their bikes to get a read on the track.

       A contender in the 50cc Class, # 11 the Mohawk Madman