Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Davey Camlin's Springfield Double Surprise 1996

I was rooting around in my loft looking for some parts for my project Triumph 500 Classic/Brakeless Flat Tracker and in the box marked ARD Mag Rebuilt 1996, I found three Cycle News. Now that Cycle News is Web only ,I really treasure the print versions I have saved. So these three copies were a real pleasant surprise and I immediately looked to see why I saved them. The first one was this Springfield Mile Double Victory by the late, great Davey Camlin ,where he completely dominated the Double Header weekend.There is nothing like having the large format Cycle News in your hands and in 1996 it was a fat 75 pager full of Motorcycle Racing up to the minute news and they covered Flat Track like it should be covered with in depth reporting and stunning photography. Progress sometimes sucks and this is one of those times. There was nothing like opening up your mail box on Thursdays and devouring the latest issue of Cycle News in the library room of your choice.
 Davey Camlin has his hands full with Will Davis, Parker, King and Kevin Atherton  not making it easy.
Out front and letting the Skip Eaken XR eat 
 Springer had the fans screaming when he lead 10 laps on Parker's spare after his Bartel's mount blew up.
                         Saturday's Mile was close and Camlin claimed his 3rd Grand National victory
Sunday's Mile was legendary with Camlin coming from behind to draft between Atherton and Parker for his 4th Grand National win and his second in a row at the big one, the historic Springfield Mile. Camlin's under the paint tuck might have made the difference. It was so close the AMA took a while to declare Davey the winner.