Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Buell's on the box in American Superbike

The American made Superbike, Eric Buell's EBR 1190RS with Danny Eslick and Geoff  May piloting are on the podium with stunning performances at the AMA Sears Point National. In Round 1,Eslick rode like his old 600 self and battled for a fine 3rd place finish with team mate May in 5th. Round 2 saw May on the third step of the podium and Eslick in 6th spot. Take that Yamaha, Suzuki , BMW,Kawasaki, KTM and Harley Davidson (who unceremoniously dumped the Buell brand in an ill conceived bean counter's f-up. There could have been a big Bar and Shield on the fairing of those EBR's with headlines " Harley Davidson back on the box at Road Race National !". Well done Eric Buell Racing ,you have made American Superbike exciting to watch again.
Go get'em.