Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ascot Dune Buggies and V-Dubs

One of the many forms of highly entertaining motor sport to grace the Ascot dirt was Off-Road Dune Buggy Racing. So Cal has always been desert crazy so closed course desert racing was a natural and proved highly popular for many years. The Bug Sedan class was huge as they had classes for your average Joe to come out and compete.
 The TT jump at ASCOT was right in front of the stands and was perfectly designed to launch whatever powered up it, including the high flying Buggies

 This is a tight Dune Buggy course designed to keep all the action close to the spectators
 Yep, that Rick Mears, Four Time Indy 500 Winner (6 Indy Pole Positions,3 Time Indy Car Champ). Ascot started so many successful racing careers. If you could do well on the rough and tumble clay of Ascot, you most likely would find every place else a cake walk.
Ascot from the air showing the 1/2 mile, 1/4 mile and a Figure 8 for the Destruction Derby crowd.