Sunday, March 25, 2012

Perris Raceway, SCFTA Season Kick Off

I had the distinct pleasure of attending the SCFTA season kick-off race at Perris Raceway this weekend. Perris has to be the best short track in the country. Built by a dedicated small group of enthusiasts, the new track ,which is a few years old now, continues the tradition of Dirt Track Motorcycle Racing on the same grounds since 1957. The Founder had a vision and nailed it perfectly. Not only is the facility world class but the SCFTA team put on a incredibly well organized program where all goes to plan in an efficient and fun and friendly manner.

This is how the track looks throughout the entire event. They do a spruce up after practice and the Heats,getting it absolutely perfect for the mains.
The track is decomposed granite, fine tuned with a smattering of select clay. It doesn't blue up and can be raced from pole to the wall, which requires some different techniques making for some spectacular racing.
It is ripped the day before the race and watered a number of times to just the right amount, depending on weather.
This attention to detail is what makes the place great and famous. Racers are coming from all over the country to see if it can be true what they've heard. They all leave total believers and very happy.