Monday, October 17, 2011

The seasoned veteran Springer, relieves some tension right before the Main.
Rider Intro,now it's time to really put on the race face.
At last,lets get this done.
Jake was flying and had gapped the field comfortably and was making sure he kept charging and missed the big holes.
RED FLAG! Luke Gough biffed it and went to the hot box with a twisted wreck and a dislocated wrist. He perservered,wrenched on it and got back in the race . Jake takes a deep breath and some calming words of advice from Mike Hacker.
What do I have to do to win this thing?! With three laps to go Jake cant believe it,ANOTHER RED FLAG. Hank Wiles spun out with the bike ending up 1/4 way down the straight. With no real effort by the flagman, the pack came blasting around unaware his bike was blocking the track. Hank did the human fly act and climbed the fence to avoid being hit. Fortunately everybody missed the bike and Henry. Jake nailed the 3rd start of the Main and rode a perfect dominant race.