Monday, October 17, 2011

The Main Event of the deciding last race of the year was a supreme test of will, patience and skill. With two red flags making for a total of three starts,Jake displayed the determination he has in buckets and dominated all three segments and run and hid from the challengers. This Victory Lap had to be the sweetest ever.
After a year of hard racing and haulin ass,Jake finally gets hold of the goal, The NO.1 Plate!
Proud smiles all round from Dave and some of the crew.

Jakes Mom was so proud of her son. On the podium Jake revealed that they had broken a curse,apparently Mom hadn't been to many of Jake's races because every time she would attend he would crash out.
Didn't happen this time. Curse broken,thank goodness.She told me when Jake was three, they couldn't rub two nickels together but they got the Yamaha mini bike Jake wanted so badly for christmas. He wore that thing out riding around in circles in their backyard. From that early age all he wanted to be was a Professional Motorcycle Racer. With two National Championships under his belt, I would say the kids done good.