Sunday, July 17, 2011

King of Clubs, Barona 2011

King of Clubs is a run what you brung Hot Rod Drag Race at Barona, Ca 1/8 Mile drag strip. Put on by the Shifters Car Club, its all about traditional Hot Rods and Customs, both two and four wheeled varieties. It's an annual event thats well attended at a perfect venue with ideal 75 degree weather. The Rockabilly crowd know how to have fun.
This guy showed up on his Titan 500 Flat Tracker which he built to run the Catalina GP. He said ,all told ,it cost him $2000 in expenses,entry fee,shipping,dropping off and picking up his bike etc, to run the Island race!
Catalina is on for 2012 but it is being organized by the folks from Catalina itself ,so it will probably be more expen$ive. This Suzy sounds sweet with those muffled chambers.

Mini Bikes are big these days. And why not,another motorized wonder to customize and make your own. They were racing these little Hot Rods which was entertaining and a complete contrast to everything else that blasted down the strip.
Drag Racing is a lot of show boating,what with the smokey sideways, red lined burn outs and wheels up launches but this guy had it down with perfect long wheelies every time he ran on his stock Harley.