Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sammy Halbert's Back-up Bike

A back-up bike is essential in Grand National Racing. With the Championship points chase always very tight, not having your spare bike in the Pit Box and set up ready to race can be devastating. Sam's Dad Willie works like a demon on both Sam's and brother Jethro's machines and their Back-up bikes are fine tuned and set up just like the primary bike before they roll out on the starting grid. There is no point having a spare if it is not set up perfectly. Several times this year some of the top Riders had to revert to their second bike due to unforeseen circumstances and thankfully they were ready to race and they didn't miss a beat. A lot of work for guys like Sam and Jethro's Dad but it really pays big dividends when the time comes and that time seems to come with some regularity.