Thursday, December 2, 2010

Yamaha Ascot Scrambler 250 ---- 1963

1963 ,right in the midst of the Golden Era of Flat Track, Yamaha introduced the 250 Ascot Scrambler. A ready to race ring-ding that required only a pair of cajones to put you on the top rung of the Ascot Podium. Lots of guys plonked their $850 down and lined up on the clay front straight of the famous Los Angeles speed bowl, determined to make a name for themselves. You didn't have to do much to them ,they were ready to run. Swapping the shifter to the correct side was the big mod and other than swapping the TT wheel for a spool, not much rubbing on it was required. Running them dangerously lean made them haul ass.

Our man Whitey #368 on his BSA 250 rigid, passes a couple of Yamaha Scramblers on the outside.Whitey out front again showing three Scramblers some good British four stroke power.Whitey has his hands full with a determined Rice Rocket giving him fits but he is coming hard around the outside
to get another victory for his Irv Seaver BSA Team.