Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Porsche Test Day

I had a great day sampling some of Porsches hot rods at San Diego's Del Mar Fairgrounds today. Porsche set up a Autocross track and very generously invited me to see what I thought of their latest offerings. I came away flying on an Adrenalin high. After driving four cars and a 500 H.P. SUV, I have to say that Porsche know how to build exhilarating machines. My favorite is the incredible Boxster Spyder,$61 Grands worth of Heaven.It's hardtop brother, the Cayman S is almost its equal but I appreciate the open air feel of the Roadster and the wide open 320 H.P.snarl. Mid engine magic. The four door Panamera is a revelation to me. They had only one, the base model with 300 H.P.V 6. On seeing this I was disappointed,until I drove it. This thing just flat handles and goes.It has to be the best sports sedan in the world. What a joy!. The 911 was a 4S, $105K ,4 wheel drive 385 H.P.and it felt heavy and less nimble to me. They have their place, wet and snowy roads but I'll take 1 3/4 Boxter Spyders, thank you very much. SUVs are not my cup of tea and I think this is the third SUV I have ever driven. Well, you put your foot into 500 H.P. and Holy Soccer Mums, Kids hold on to your slurpees. It leans,it sticks, it howls the tires and it RIPS ! Never go up against a twin turbo Cayenne with a Suzy Homemaker at the wheel,she will kick your ass up one canyon and down the next. What a day, thanks Porsche, I am now a hard core fan.
The Spyder is special Lightweight Boxster with incredible power and handling. My choice for the perfect Porsche.
The four door Panamera is also one handling SOB.
Four Door Fun for the whole Fam Damily.
The Cayman is a delight, perfect power, handling and feel. In the background you can see the Del Mar Arena where the AMA Short Track Races were held. I had the pleasure of attending all of them with the most memorable being the years when Terry Poovey, Nicky Hayden and J.R. Schnable won. The Del Mar Mile Weekend was an Event but, times change and it's gone, much to the chagrin of the 25,000 people who showed up every year.
At the end of day the Factory Hired Guns from the Porsche Driving School in Georgia showed us how the cars perform with real drivers at the wheel. Here is my view, doing my best Mother in Law back seat driving , hanging on in the Panamera.