Sunday, November 7, 2010

Steeplechase Slide-out

The Ascot TT was raced by Pros and Amateurs alike,at night and in the daytime too. There was a Sunday afternoon program that ran once a month during the season for decades. In the 80s and early 90s local AMA District 37 Clubs held their own Daytime TTs on Saturdays that were an absolute blast.I raced at the Lightweights M.C. events and was so thrilled to be racing the same track as my two wheeled heros. Turn one became a high speed decreasing radius into the tight dog leg before the jump. This turn made you a hero or a zero. The jump was fun as was the section before the jump , a little shute and an awkward right hander where a lot of bar banging, elbowing and bumping went on. After landing the jump you gassed it a bit and then on the rear brake and try to slide the right hander to keep your momentum up around to the tight left hander onto the 1/2 mile for three and then hauls ass all the way around through 4 ,down the straight and your back with you balls in your mouth desperately trying to get it whoaed down to back it into the dogleg again.

This is coming out of the right hander after the jump. It was a difficult hairpin corner that you arrived at with a good amount of speed. It required skill and finesse to get right or you could quite possibly be on your ass.