Friday, November 5, 2010

Crocker Scootabout

I always get a kick out of and being a Three Stooges Fan since pre-pubescence it was a surprise to see those knuckleheads on a Scooter Sidehack. But not just any Scooter, thats a Crocker Scootabout. Crockers are the holy grail of the American Two Wheel World and the V-twins are rare as hens teeth and Scootabouts are absolute unobtainium. WWII killed Crocker just as the Company was getting into its stride and what a shame that was because they really were arousing, reliable, rocket ships. The Scootabout was a little quirky with its foot throttle but it very well might have provided the working capital to keep the Company percolating along to succeed with their beautiful V-twins.

Crocker's Scootabout
The new Crocker Scootabout has made its appearance on the streets of Los Angeles. It is modernistic in appearance and streamlined in design.
The machine was designed by Al Crocker manufacturer of custom built and racing motorcycles. Floyd Clymer of Clymer Motors has joined hands with Mr. Crocker and will have the sole distribution for the machine in the United States and foreign countries.
The machine differs in many respects from conventional type scooters in that it has knee action spring frame and large balloon tires for easy riding, co-pilot steering and a low center of engine location which gives a new easy balance.
The engine is 2.3 h.p. air cooled by blower, and has flywheel magneto ignition. The frame is of SAE 1040 steel and attains great strength with considerable flexibility. A hinged hood of streamlined design can be quickly raised for access to the engine, clutch, chain and rear wheel.
Simplicity of operation is obtained thru the use of an automatic clutch which engages as the foot throttle is depressed. Removing the foot from the throttle quickly, disengages the clutch. The operation is said to be somewhat similar to fluid drive such as used on some makes of 1941 cars. A foot lever operates an internal expanding brake band on which is mounted Ferodo lining. Choke and compression release are combined in one lever on the right handlebar. Standard color is black with red panels.
A Tow-Back attachment is available for use in attaching the unit to car bumpers.
Production has started and Mr. Clymer already has orders for a considerable number of machines to be shipped to various sections of the United States. Further information may be obtained by writing Clymer Motors, 222 West Pico Street, Los Angeles, Calif.