Monday, October 11, 2010

Jake Johnson the new # 1

A True Champion ! Jake didn't pussyfoot around. He won the Race and the Championship. And what a race it was,everybody came loaded for bear and gave no quarter to their fellow competitors. Mees rode his best race of the year,Sammy was determined to make up for lost ground, Coolbeth had the Factory Harley on the boil and crowd favorite Joe Kopp finally got the Ducati sticking to the groove for 5th in what could be his last Grand National Race.
Jake relaxes for the first time in ages. The pressure is off and it is sinking in that he has DONE IT !
Sammy rode the wheels off the 7. He had mechanical issues at the end when his shock broke. If that had not have happened and had he not missed one recent race, no telling what the results could have been. Here, two fierce competitors enjoy the final moments of a long tough year long battle.
Coming to the line, it was a fantastic race and ended the Championship battle in the way it should go down with lots of lead changes and intense close quarters racing. I look forward to hearing how many lead changes there actually were.
Jake had one hell of a successful year winning the two Championships in the finest of style. Congratulations Jersey Jake Johnson, AMA Grand National Champion !