Monday, October 11, 2010

Blue Groove Arizona

Sweet Victory ! Dave Zanotti took the well deserved Victory Lap with Jake.
The Arizona Mile was a completely different track from the inaugural effort. A smooth and fast almost dust free surface made for very narrow blue groove that required precise entry to insure that they could keep both wheels in line and their momentum up. Slip off the groove and they were extremely sideways and loosing many places. Shayna Texter and Brian Tapp doing it right ,right up on the rail and flying.
Sammy was back with a vengeance and PJ Jacobsen 99 was on the gas right out of the gate and smoked the whole field with the fastest lap in Qualifying.
Kenny Coolbeth was super fast and smooth and battled to a fine 4th place.
2009 Champion Jared Mees was determined to win one race during his Championship year and came very close, leading a number of times but came up a hair short as they crossed the line.