Thursday, September 2, 2010

Springfield Short Track Saturday Night

Short Track, it doesn't get any better. This is the form of Dirt Track that most beginning racers cut their teeth on. There are Bull Rings all across America where dreamers and up and comers go at it tooth and nail. When the Pros cut tight circles like they will Saturday night in Springfield, IL, it's a take no prisoners brawl until the final flag falls.I won't be in Springfield but I envy those who will. My fondest Short Track memories are from the Del Mar Races when Terry Poovey banged bars with Nicky Haden for the win and the next year when Nicky won it and the next year it was J.R. Schnable to wheelie across the checkers. Here is a classic Program from an Ascot Short Track and Rick Hocking is back at it, on the cover, looking for another check mark in the W column. Hock, what year was that and how did it turn out?