Thursday, September 2, 2010

Springfield Mile predictions

I received an email from my Flat Track Racer Bud, Slow Wayne and he goes all the way and predicts the outcome of the Springfield Mile.I trust his judgement but again,I put Sammy Seven way up front. Carr said he just could not keep up with the Flyin' Kawi at Indy so, maybe we will see a sensational repeat from the Green Team.

Wayne's predictions
"Springfield Mile, Johnson, Coolbeth, Smith, Carr, Bonsey, Jacobsen, Mees, Kopp, S. Halbert, Beach, Weidman, Pegram, Wiles, Mc Coy, Pearson, Murray, J. Halbert, Bergen.
This should be a barn burner. 5 maybe 6 guys have a real shot of winning"

Here is Wayne after the Calistoga Mile, telling the A&A guys, " If Jake Johnson doesn't smoke em' all at Indy, I think the Kawasaki might win !" They are not buying it.