Friday, June 18, 2010

Saturday Night Short Track

They will be under the lights in Gas City , tomorrow night. It will be incredible.
We used to have Short Track here in San Diego the night before the Mile and what races they were. I remember three different Years that the Main was a battle Royal from Start to Finish with the winners being Nicky Hayden, Terry Poovey and JR. Schnable all of whom won with the pack pouncing on them. These photos are from when Schnable won. Mees muffed another start and is about to get dusted in Turn One.

As a Racer I always really enjoy the Start. I like the build up to it,getting ready to pull the trigger. I try to get a few launches in before getting to the line. Not only loosens you up and calms you down a bit but you see what the conditions are and what you are going to have to do to get it to hook and book. Cut the light just right and launch hard and keep the ft end down and fly into One. This is the best part, high speed, aggressive bar to bar contest of wills. Keep it pinned longer than all these SUCKERS ! This is the time to get it right and get hauling, coming out of two with hopefully nothing but clear track.