Friday, June 18, 2010


The Bultaco Astro Cup runs in conjunction with the National. An interesting one Brand race, made up of 250 and 360 Astros, choose your weapon. Bultacos were always Affordable Exotica making them a very popular race bike in all forms of motorcycle competition. Metrellas in Road Racing, Pursangs in MX and Astros for Flat Track and TT Scrambles. You can easily polish the cases to a mirror shine and along with the Blood Red Racing paint job and polished Akronts, nothing looked hotter.The compression release was a big part of this era of Two Strokes. And often Short Trackers run flat out using just the throttle and the comp release to slow the bike, never touching the brake.
Jim Pomeroy ,the U.S. answer to European MX domination was Bultaco's swan song,and it was glorious.

Here is Jim checking out a Bultaco Fans Flat Track Bobber, Cool.

Total Commitment and a Checkers or Wreckers attitude is hard to beat.