Friday, October 30, 2009

Tom Horton's TZ750

Tom Horton builds some of the finest motorcycles on the planet and his Yamaha TZ750 is a perfect example. Tom fired this monster up and let it loose on Pomona's 5/8th Mile Dirt Track during the Saddlemen Vintage practice session. When the bike was started on the rollers, everybody in the Fairgrounds heard the four expansion chambers barking and new something exciting was about to happen. Horton is an experienced expert racer with decades of hard racing under his belt, the perfect rider to put a this legendary machine through its paces. And that he did, pinning it down the straights and railing it through the corners with confident aggression, the only way to ride this kind of widow maker. On the straightaways it would visibly explode in a burst of acceleration gobbling up real estate in a highly impressive manor. Tom layed it into the corners and railed it around at high speed and opened it up coming out of two and four. You could hear that thing with its instant powerband wick the afterburners and be flying. Tom, thanks, that was a great show and again cemented the legend status of that crazy two wheeled sumbitch.