Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Del Mar Missed

The beginning of October always meant the Del Mar Mile ! But it's gone forever. A new fangled surface was layed down supposedly to eliminate a lot of horse euthenisations during the horse racing season. It did not work . It did eliminate the Mile however. Apparently you just can't race Bikes on it.
Del Mar was way more than only the Mile. There was a killer Short Track at the Fair Grounds, that raged Saturday Night. Nicky Hayden, Joe Kopp, J R Schnabel and Terry Poovey and all the rest, waged epic battles. It was a tiny 1/8 that produced standing ovation victories. Saturday a giant motorcycle extravaganza took over the grassy Infield and Fair Grounds with a Sickle Show, Stunts ,Vendors, Jumpers, Vic McLaughlin Team etc,etc and every M/C celebrity , racer interviewed and honored. KR rode the TZ there twice if I'm not mistaken. Then the Mile all day Sunday, usually with perfect San Diego weather, right on the Blue Pacific. Yes , I miss it.