Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Gary Scott's Privateer Triumph. Last Triumph to win a National.

When Gary Scott was fed up with the measly salary Harley offered him, he promptly quit and built this bike to make them wish they had payed him an honest wage and kept him happy. It worked, he harassed the Harleys relentlessly and made them look foolish.

When the Bonneville was the baddest bike on the block

PDX Vintage Car Park....like a brick shithouse

Monday, June 18, 2018

The one and only....Graeme Crosby

Which way does the track go and what is the lap record?

Sidewinders Start 1963

500 Singles

Sunday, June 17, 2018


 Dan Bromley on his Factory KTM 450 won the OKC Singles Mile in grand style after a getting shoved to mid pack at the start. Bromley who is 6'3" tucked into a bullet shape on the straights and came back to contest the top spot with Ryan Wells 94 and Shayna Texter 52.
Heres one highlight of the Singles heats when Bromley reaches out and taps Wells to say "On yer right"
 A drafting battled ensued between the three and it was what flat Track is all about. A dirty, dusty chess match at 120mph. Thrilling to watch and a testimony to the skills off all three racers.
 This was the only exciting part of the twins main. Mees ran off and hid to the tune of a 12 second lead,Yawn ! 10 Indians, 3 H.D.s, 3 Kawis, 1 KTM ( that really had some beans and is Indian fast) and 1 Yamaha. The front row was all Indians that turned into a Indian Conga Line, boring. Please Harley get someone in F1 to design a new motor for you guys.
 Shayna on her Factory Husky was definitely capable of winning the thing, she just got out snookered by a couple of hot dogs on equally fast machinery. Go gettem' girl !
 Dan Bromley on his KTM Factory Racer. Fast and smart and one hell of a racer.
Jeffrey Carver Jr. was Mees only challenger and it looked like he may have something for the Champ but it all came undone getting off the line with an oily, smokey Indian grenade.