Sunday, October 15, 2017

Oliver Brindley - Great Britain - AFT Singles #124

 Teenager Oli Brindley completed his first full season in American Flat Track at the Perris Half Mile National. The young Brit put on a great ride to finish 6th. Oli's got it and should go on to great things if he stays Stateside and continues his pursuit of the Singles No.1 Plate. He and his Dad have done an incredible job following the circuit in our big, strange land and they have really made a place for themselves in AFT.
 Oli gasses it down the back straight, in practice at Perris.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Kolby Carlile AFT #36 wins Singles Championship

 High noon in the Californian desert as #52 Shayna Texter and Kolby Carlile face off for the Singles Championship. It was a long shot for the diminutive Ms. Texter but as usual she was super fast and had a shot at it on the exciting Perris Half Mile.
 Carlile rode a strong race and a third gave him the No.1 plate over Texter who ended up 3rd in the championship.
 What a season for this young lady ! Lets hope 2018 is good to her and she gets the plate.
Texter rolls out to the track while Brandon Price #92, three time winner this year and runner-up in the Championship, put in a very strong ride to come from mid pack to win the Perris National. Ben Lowe #20 ended his season with a great 2nd place at Perris.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Joe Kopp Super Hooligan

 A couple of Triumph guys enjoying the races at the Perris Half Mile National.
 Joe was the class of the field in the Super Hooligans. Fast time, on a street bike looking racer that could take Momma on a Sunday morning cruise to the Rock Store.
 Los Angeles based British Customs built one fast Trumpet.

 On pole for the main when disaster struck and the shift lever came loose on the first lap, resulting in a freak DNF. This makes the Bolsa Chica race tomorrow critical and adds a lot of excitement .
 Very familiar to Flat Track fans.
British Custom Street Bike.

Yet millions of really dumb Americans think she is christmas ?

Thank God for Donald J. Trump.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Jordan Baber #72 Hooligan Class Winner Perris Half Mile National.

 Jordan Barber smoked 'em all on an S & S Hooligan Harley Sportster 1200. These old dogs are not easy to ride but Jordan made it look spectacular in a very competitive class, that includes Indian Scouts , Triumph Bonnevilles, Ducati Scramblers and new Harley 750s.  The season champ will receive a new FTR Indian Factory racer. Thats some incentive for sure ( $50K) . The last race is this weekend on a man made dirt track in the parking lot of Bolsa Chica Beach , Orange County, California.

Ron Wood built a new Red Rocket

 Legendary Flat Track fabricator and Team Owner, Ron Wood stunned the Perris Half Mile National crowd with his new Honda Africa 1000cc twin. As you would expect, coming from Mr.Wood, the bike is perfect in every detail and jewel like in it's presentation. Chad Cose rode the new bike with respect but didn't spare the horses. The bike had a unique sound with its big box and turned in tip and its straight line speed looked very competitive. The bike is something to behold and was easily the most gawked at and popular two wheeler in the pits. Ron has an interesting mix of round and square tubing in the frame which intricately bends around the big power plant. Sticking with an old Flat Track tradition, the right footpeg is a '60's Triumph passenger peg with a special RW bend. Adding a new bike to the mix is fantastic and we look forward to seeing if the big Honda has the beans to give the Indians some worries on the Miles.