Thursday, September 23, 2021

1984 Big Brother Govt. NWO Takes complete control of Australia

This is it, complete Governmental Control of your digital footprint. Thought Police corruption becomes reality. Australians have become Slaves to a draconian and tyrannical all powerful, unstoppable Police and Armed Services takeover. You cannot protest against it. You can be beaten and jailed and arrested, following the Chinese Communist Party Hong Kong dictatorial tactics. The Premier ( governor ) of Victoria / Melbourne was just exposed as being under Chinese bribery for the last four years. He still maintains an iron fist over the State. Melbourne has been under 223 days of complete lock down and it has finally boiled over due mandatory jab to be able to work and Vaxx passport. The Construction Workers are leading the charge and ever increasing numbers of freedom loving citizens are ramping up their courage and joining them. These Construction Workers are Union members (Lefties) and when there leadership went along with the Govt, and demanded all take the jab to work, they destroyed their Union HQ as a FU, we will not be Poisoned ! Street protests in Melbourne are getting bigger and bigger each day as patriots flock to Melbourne to beat this Evil.
This is WWII Germany in Australia as Storm Troopers round up freedom loving citizens who protest against them. Like this little old lady who gets jackbooted by these Govt. Thugs. Australians are completely unarmed and will be abused until they capitulate and are shoved into gulags ( being built in haste) for re-education, unless they can orchestrate a People Powered Political Coup. Pray for Australians and get ready to act here soon if the Supreme Court wont hear the Voter Fraud case. If they do hear it, Trump will be re-instated or we will have a complete re-vote. If they refuse to hear it, the Dems will go full bore like the Australian Govt and we will see who owns those 400 Million guns in America.