Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Our current disaster thanks to Crooked Joe.

Biden's Open Border Policy will welcome 3 Million Illegal Aliens this year. All with the promise of Citizenship !! Welfare, Health Insurance and free education. You hard working Americans will pay for it with much higher taxes and crime rates. To date, Illegal Aliens from 55 different countries have been admitted under Biden's Shit for Brains policies that seriously hurt Americans, driving up taxes, lowering wages and increasing unemployment. Mexican Cartels manage the entire Illegal Border Crossing System, which effectively puts Biden's new Democrat Govt. working hand in hand with arguably the most brutal and sinister businessmen in history. Ain't that just lovely. F.U. Joe, you crooked M.F.

The Hunter Biden situation is the epitome of White Crackhead Privilege. The FBI have had his Lap Top for nearly two years....crickets !
75% of Americans want Voter I.D. Biden and his supporters don't want it so they can continue to steal elections at will. Comparing being in favor of Voter I.D. to Jim Crow on steroids is more proof that Biden is really fucking demented. Jim Crow does not exist, it's a lie. Joe Biden is a racist of the first degree. He is always pushing ridiculous positions that infuriate Americans, both Dems and Republicans alike.  

Biden's America Last Mantra
WTF, Biden aim is to Destroy the America we know and LOVE.
FUCK FAUCI  What a Demon Democrat !

Biden, one bad decision after another. Catastrophe !