Sunday, July 22, 2018

X-Games Pole Puttin' Parade

 I wish the general public who tune into the X-Games Flat Track races could actually see some real racing. This years Short Track was typically lackluster and not even a close representation of what Flat Track is all about. Rather it is a tailored time slot filler that makes the greatest Motor Sport on Earth look like tiddlywinks on two wheels. Who can get excited about a Pole Putting exhibition on a 1/8th track ? Every rider right up against the inside hay bales protecting his position, bor-ing !
Mees won again, good for him and Briar kinda close. Next year, why don't they just surprise the viewing audience with a re-run of an old Pomona National, so they get to witness some thrilling, high speed artistry that is Flat Track racing and actually gain a whole bunch of new Fans.