Friday, June 29, 2018

Sammy Halbert #69 Team Harley Davidson

 OK, it is obvious that The Motor Company Racing Team is sucking hind tit since they decided, in a moment of stupidity, to develop the made in India 750 V-Twin into a flat track racer and forsake their iconic XR750. Be that as it may, you can't keep a Racer down and all three HD riders have given it their all for this long and arduous debacle. The start of any flat track race is an equalizer that is often won be sheer determination and skill even though the rider maybe on equipment that will never carry him to the victory no matter how he tries. Halbert shows his stuff to the entire Grand National field with a superb but in the end, futile hole shot. He was swamped by a whole tribe of angry Indians who were incensed that he dare make them eat his Harley dust.
Sammy does a wonderful job slinging the underpowered and unreliable XG750R  around America's Grand National Circuit, waiting to hear the Cavalry Charge bugle and the unveiling of the XR750 II.
I may be dreaming but they need to do something, and soon.