Wednesday, April 4, 2018

J.D. Beach will ride at what will be a Dixie Ding-Dong

Beach will ride in Atlanta Short Track event on his G&G Racing Yamaha. His presence will really liven up the show and the regular series riders will be wishing he had stuck to his slick shod Racers. The Indians will be his main rivals but there are a slew of others like Bauman, Briar and Bronson both who will have some Kawi Werner powered weapons to give J.D. and the rest some real competition. Lets see how many XR 750s beat the Factory XGRs. Watch Bonsey sling his Lloyd bros Ducati around Atlanta. 
He is looking for redemption after a loooong lay-off and a freak start to the 2018 season at Daytona. Both Stevie Bonsey and J.D.Beach have the disadvantage of not racing last years inaugural at this track but I think that only makes them more determined to win. I will be watching from the first lap of practice on FansChoiceTV and all I can say is, " I wish I was in Dixie, Hooray ! Hooray !
J.D. with have his hands full with many competitive opponents and Henry Wiles is certainly one of them riding the Willie built Kawi. Wiles is adept at all the varieties of tracks on the AFT schedule but, a rough and tumble 3/8 mile where fitness and race craft are key, this Short Track is definitely to Hank's liking.

J.D. Flew on the Burnett Kawasaki, here at Pomona but, he has turned into a title contender on the G&G Racing Yamaha.