Monday, March 19, 2018

Jumpin' Jehosephats !

 The Flyin' Tomato living up to his name.
 Kolby Carlise AFT Singles #1 didn't fair to well at Daytona, came off on a slippery track and banged up his elbow. Hope it doesn't effect his season. The big screen is a fantastic addition to the races, especially on the big tracks when you can't really see the action on the back straight from the stands.
 Shayna Texter didn't have a very spectacular debut on her new Husky at the TT. Looking forward to seeing her and Husky Power on the bigger Tracks. Here she ops to stay low cresting the jump and get her wheel to hook up and drive to the corner rather than fly down there.
Briar Bauman WFO as usual. He seemed to enjoy the jump. Came out of Daytona with a credible 4th place and a good start to the season.