Friday, March 30, 2018

Hot Rod Honda Spree

I would be very wary of this machine. I have a Honda Spree 50cc Automatic. A buddy called me saying his neighbor was throwing out a motorcycle on trash day, do I want it ? He didn't know what it was but it didn't matter, I said Of-Course ! Turned out to be a perfect Honda Spree with no key and the forks locked. Took the Ing switch off and down to the Dealer to get a key. Little thing ran perfectly. Later, my two little nephews and I had a road race track set up in a local church parking and were doing three lap timed sessions against one another. In an effort to make up for my weight disadvantage, I was using demon late breaking and had one of the worst instantaneous face plants ever. The Spree has pathetic brakes so I put it down to a slightly sandy wide line but, I got slammed. Then I see the brake on this thing and think Whoa !!!