Monday, March 12, 2018

Flyin' Bubba Blackwell Flys again at Daytona Opener

The versatile and congenial Motorcycle Jumper, Bubba Blackwell will attempt a death defying 14 pickup jump as part of the opening ceremonies at Thursday nights Daytona TT. After the jump Bubba will take over as Starter-Flagman for the entire season, as well as doing his usual on track announcing. I have seen Bubba jump before and we here at the Poppa Wheelie Garage wish him all the best. I bet that open mega XR will sound great wheelieing up and down the back straight during Bubba's pre-jump antics. I wonder if they have AMA Hero Starter Kevin Clark waiting in the wings, just in case Bubba pulls an EK while jumping with a man's bike not some kiddie Honda 450 ! Let her rip, Bubba !