Thursday, October 19, 2017

Bonsey is Back ! and in fine form.

 One of the biggest and best things that happened at the AFT Final, Perris Half Mile National was the return of Two Time Grand National Winner , Stevie Bonsey . He came out guns blazing, like he hadn't been gone at all, let alone a year and a half recovery from a broken back in an incident where Baker slid into him and put him in the wall with devastating results. Bonsey looked excited to be back and fit as can be and ready to rumble. Prior to getting out on the track, he said this was his kind of track and he proved himself right with qualifing times of  2nd and 3rd fast in both sessions. This from a guy who hadn't thrown a leg over an XR for a very long time. Bonsey was a serious contender throughout the whole event and held third for a good portion of the Main, only to loose it to Beach in the last few corners. What a way to make a return to the sport you love. Welcome back Bonsey !