Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Morri Minor Ute

I used to work for Stan Huntley who owned Foreign Auto Specialties in Portland, Oregon.
He was way ahead of his time as he built this 1959 Morris Minor Ute Racer in 1970 and raced it for decades before Stan unfortunately passed. One of his buddies bought it and races it successfully still.
FASPEC as it was known, was a British Sports Car wrecking yard. Stan purchased every MG, Austin Healey and Triumph and anything British that got written off in the Great Northwest. This ute has, as you would expect, a hot 1275 in it and went best with a special manifold with four Grand Prix Amal carbies. They are gone and it now runs some big SUs. It is still a ripping little bugger.
When Stan started racing it in 1970, folks either loved it or hated it and thought it should not be allowed to run. Well, NASCAR started racing Trucks in 1995. Stan was vindicated.