Wednesday, July 12, 2017

AMA Grand National Champeen , Joe Kopp, Harley-Davidson Wrecking Crew / Latus Motors H.D.

 Very cool tribute to AMA National Champion, Joe Kopp at Latus Motors H.D. in Gladstone , Oregon. Joe certainly made his mark on The Motor Company's famed XR 750. Fairly recently, he had the honor or wrapping up Indian's first race win on their new, racing only 750 V-Twin.

Joe had a lot of success campaigning this Latus Motors XR 750.
It was not all Beer and Bratwurst however. This is the same bike that put Joe feet first into the air fence at over 100 mph when the swinging arm pivot bolt broke when he pitched it into Turn 1 at Calistoga , Calif, National Half Mile. He was leading at the time and all eyes were upon him . The crowd and Joe too, I am sure, breathed a grateful deep breath when he stood up and walked away from one hell of a high speed and unusual get off.
Much more recently, Joe put on a stunning Demo ride on the A&A Motors, Kenny Roberts TZ750 at the Sacramento Mile. Joe pulled the trigger on The Widowmaker and rode it like the Champ he is and left the crowd both gobsmacked and cheering wildly.