Monday, June 12, 2017

CALVFT Grass Roots Racing at it's best.

 CALVFT have captured a little bit of the old time religion called Local Flat Trackin'.
The well groomed 1/8th mile short track gives Newbees and and Old Know it Alls a perfect place to get their dirt track on ! Little Miss #8 optimizes the good time feel with her on the gas attitude and her pink cowgirl boots
 A little older gal gives her 250 Yamaha a good wringing out on the DG speed bowl.

 Nice period pieces. Lowered MX Yammies make fun sliders with Class C Traction.
 Can I get a Hell Yeah ! Country Girl was on it in the Powder Puff.
 Too Fast and Krazy Steve Kukla battle again.
 Great little track !
 Lots of....
 different lines around this place.
 #78 won enthusiasm and Budget Bike honors with his $200 Yamaha 350.

 $100 for the bike and $100 track prep and voila ! Flyin Flat Tracker.
Pull Start Mini Bike Class just got serious when this guy showed up with a Three Wheeler 90 Honda powered Wheelie Machine. 
When the Green Flag drops...
CALVFT are doing it right at Fort Lockett, Campo, Calif.