Wednesday, March 15, 2017

T.T. Time in Daytona

 The Twins haven't raced a T.T. since 1998 when it was predominately XRs, a big lumbering, tiring machine for a tight track with a jump. That is why I am predicting a Kawi will win. Smaller, lighter and the closest thing to a 450 in the class. #44 Robinson might wish he was on his old ride, not the new Harley he will flogging mercilessly to keep up with the pack. I am sure they have a T.T. specific frame for the Kawis, moving the rider forward with decent jumping pegs and ground clearance for both left and right turns. Daytona most always surprises us with unexpected winners and this T.T. is ripe for that Thursday night.

Anyone of these guys could win, including Armstrong on a Yamaha.