Friday, March 17, 2017

Daytona T.T. 2017 - Not one of Flat Tracking's finest moments

Two fake news incidents happened almost simultaneously. Rachel Maddow blew her less than brilliant career with a face plant concerning a big scoop on Donald. It turns out to be a big scoop of poop on Madcow ( I never did like that Dude!?). Then the new AFT regail us with grandiose plans for a stunning rebirth of Flat Track only to fluff onto the scene, which was the stinker Daytona T.T.
I have ridden on better backyard TT tracks than those two straightaways. So much talk about a revolutionary new track for the big twins and they come up with the most unimaginative and uninspiring custom built, one line track ,ever seen. I think it is an insult to put the riders of Greatest Show On Earth on such dribble. Daytona was a one line drag racing parade with two way to tight corners. How absolutely unexciting for riders and spectators alike.  What jump ?, possibly the biggest component of a TT track and they embarrass themselves with a slight rise that you don't want to get elevation off of, you keep it low and get traction on something like that. I have seen them get more air on some holes that developed in recent 1/2 Mile and Mile tracks ! AFT you are losing fans with this kind of performance. That rinkydink track should have never happened. Stick to the traditional Short Track in Daytona, please.
This is due to a poorly designed one line track. The races were basically parade drag races.
Next year lets stick to Short Track