Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Capt. America eats it in Hooligan race

I just hope the Hooligans don't stink up the show at the Championship races. 
I see they have had a few Pros racing and taking the prize money away from the 
guys who are trying to get this going and need every buck they can muster. 
No Pros or the whole idea dies. But you still have to put on a show that the crowd wants to watch.

Back in the 60's my old compardre, Clif  "The Sandy Bandit" Majhor used to put on Motorcycle Race Shows at all the big Car Shows across the country on tiny little cement short tracks they would set up in the auditoriums and have three shows a day. He had five riders on Triumph Tiger Cub Speedway Bikes and they would use the old Professional Wrestling Work, the good guys and the bad guys. They had it all scripted and any rider could play any part , the Bully, the Hero , the Sap. They had short heat races where the dirty deeds got more intense until it was the main and Bully catches Hero and kicks him hard into a speed wobble and The Sap comes by and finishes the job. Hero remounts runs them both down, bangs them outta the way and Wheelies across the Checkers. They were a big hit and toured the States for many years to cheering crowds. 

I am not saying the Hooligans need a Work but, it might be better than watching a bunch of amateurs
waddle around on street bikes. I am not dogging these guys. Hey its good fun and they sound great but I hope they don't stink up the show. I can see it now. Second place whips out a swinging chain and deftly wraps it around first places Sissy Bar and pulls himself by his victim for the win. That's the end of the first heat. No one could stand that humiliation. Heat Two and the drama builds.

 Tom Ferguson #95 Triumph T140 at Perris, SCFTA. Third place behind some well ridden Sportsters in the Hooligan Class.