Monday, February 6, 2017

Sammy Halbert should be a real contender in 2017 as the leader of the Ol'School XR750 contingent.

 Back a few years at Pomona when Sammy was flying the Lucky 7. Sammy has a great opportunity in 2017 to run up front on an Ol'School XR750. I just don't think the new Indian (as in the country) built ,modified by Vance and Hines XG750R are going to cut the mustard. This means the top of the line XRs will be given an opportunity to shine. And no better rider to show'em how than Sammy.
Like every other Flat Track fan, we can't wait to get this super competitive season going. The Indian Racing Super Team will be tough to contend with but the bikes are relatively untried and shit happens. Mees, Baker and Smith will be fighting among themselves with no quarter given, which will let the fast Kawis and the XR750s (Zanotti, Dodge Bros, Kennedys) with seasoned riders sneak up on them and pounce. The Harley-Davidson Team must have paid Coolbeth, Johnson and Robinson a bundle to throw their legs over, what has been a slow and totally unreliable pig, XG750R.  Its the only reason I could see for these championship contenders to make this gamble on their very inferior new rides. I will not be surprised to see all three roll up to the line on some sparkling XRs when their XGRs come to a clanging, smoking halt a few times.  The new AFT season has so many intriguing aspects to it, that it should be one of the best ever. Lets go racing !